The theoretical framework of disordered elastic systems has been successfully applied, over the last decades, to a wide range of physical systems with very different microphysics and characteristic scales, ranging for instance from ferromagnetic domain walls, superconductor vortices, biophysics interfaces to fracture cracks and earthquakes. Experimentally, it provides effective descriptions at a mesoscopic scale, theoretically tractable and experimentally testable. From a fundamental point of view, it encompasses prototypical models of classical statistical physics, where the role of disorder can be systematically investigated, while triggering the development of new theoretical tools to tackle out-of-equilibrium issues.

Recent developments have extended the initial scope of this framework, for instance in active materials or in glassy problems. Analogies have also been drawn with non-equilibrium soft matter problems, such as the shearing of amorphous materials, which present a yielding transition similar the depinning transition of driven manifolds in disordered media. Theoretical developments in the physics of glassy phenomena and in algorithmics have also been made.

The goal of this workshop is to welcome newcomers to the field while pushing this framework towards new exciting research directions. Note that due to Covid restrictions, the participation is on invitation only.


The workshop will take place on the greek island of Spetses on the premises of the Anargyrios & Korgialenios School of Spetses (AKSS), which gathers conference facilities and hosting units for all participants.

The talks will start early morning on Monday 6/09 and end just before lunch time on Friday 10/09. Participants are thus expected to arrive on Sunday 5/09 afternoon and to leave on Friday 10/09 afternoon.

We invite you to carefully read the Covid-related informations on this page, and in particular the official website of greek authorities


Elisabeth Agoritsas - PCSL, EPFL (Switzerland)

Vivien Lecomte - LIPhy, Université Grenoble-Alpes (France)

Damien Vandembroucq - PMMH, ESPCI Paris (France)

Frédérique Auger (Administrative manager) - PMMH, ESPCI Paris (France)




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